Asked by CHRISTINENG | Apr. 26, 2018 07:53
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I was Born in 27th January 1976 and have a few questions about my fate and destiny.

Recently, I have read the article of Feng Shui from Travel China Guide said "The destiny for Rabbit People Born in January is not so good and are likely to rush around for living". Would it be really affected into my life?
An acquaintance from my mother had read my "Date of Birth". She found out and said my life in the future will fall into a disaster, lost everything and become very poor just like a begger. Is that true?
I wish to know clearly about my life in the future such as happiness, good luck, rich easy going life, prosperity, Career, health, relationship with family, acquaintance, friends and all the people around me and my marriage.

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Answered by Zoe from USA | Apr. 27, 2018 22:40
No, it's not true. The detailed prediction shows that you will be a lucky one in 2018. Although you may face several troubles, it doesn't matter actually. You are a good person. Thus you deserve better life. Towards life, you should keep a modest attitude and solve problems step by step. Then everthing will change into a better stage.
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