Asked by Joshna from India | Oct. 29, 2017 06:16
About:Year of the Rooster

I was born on November 29th,1993. my husband was born on 19th 1989.

How is our married life??currently my husband trying to change his job to get higher position.Is it ok for him??what is our fortune in 2018??
how is our fortune financially as well as love compatibility to us??

Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from Australia | Oct. 30, 2017 03:34
Your married life would be nearly perfect, with the exception that your husband was born in a year with Earth element while you were born in a year with Water element. Although Snake and Rooster get along the beast in marriage, you have the effect on him as if you would pour water over soil. It makes mud. There will be a little misunderstanding, as he is more interested in himself and in living well, where you are more concerned with what would people think about you two. Despite that, you will love each other, and will be successful. Next year the two of you will be very lucky. Only in 2019 he will experience his opposite year, when everything he would try to do it won’t work. If he wants to get a better career position, he should try it right now. He would have success. Good luck to both of you.
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