Asked by Septiyani from Indonesia | Jun. 28, 2017 08:59
About:Year of the Pig

I am Septiyani, 23 y.o, born in 15 September 1995 on 02.30 pm at Riau Island, Indonesia.

Can you guide me on my love relationship and about my health in the future? Thank you.

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Jun. 28, 2017 17:39
Career and your social life are very important to you. You will have one phone on each ear, as communication is a requirement for you. You want to live in harmony with others and you also want a fair deal. You are an achiever and are also secretive. You enjoy giving orders. You will slowly save money and improve your finances. With an afflicted moon in your 5th House you are prone to short love affairs. Uranus and Neptune had opposed your 6th House of health in your natal chart, therefore you must be careful not to make sudden changes in your routine, and also always drink clean water and don’t go for swims. You suffer from shyness, so you may appear unfriendly to others. Be careful because you could be deceived by a group of people, which will turn hostile towards you. Your Jupiter was afflicted in your 11th House, so beware of your friends’ motives, and don’t be too laidback. Adversities beyond your control will affect your career. You didn’t have planets in Fire signs, so you may suffer from depression. You want to have things. You cannot stand someone who tells you what to do, so you need to have your own business. You need to control your emotions. Transiting Neptune through your 2nd House aspects positively your 6th House of Work and Health for many years to come, so you will be healthy and lucky with your job. Transiting Jupiter conjuncts your natal Mercury, so your approach to life is good, and within the next few months, you will have some brilliant ideas on how to improve your life. For 2½ years, your love life was under scrutiny. This opposition of Saturn will vanish, and your love life will improve and you will be happy.
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