Asked by loi from UAE | Jul. 02, 2015 23:47
About:Rabbit's Personality and Characteristics

I am a rabbit, can i find my soul mate this year? do i still have the chance?

do i have the chance to have a happy love life? what the future holds for me this year n the years to come thank you

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Answered by Nancy from Denmark | Jul. 04, 2015 22:32
Your fortune is good in love life and you are expcted to meet your true love by the end of the year. But if you are a rich man, be cautious when a woman flirts with you. She probbaly just loves your money. And if you are into someone, try to get close to her to know if she is the one.

In the year and the coming years, if you are interested, I suggest you run your own business, which would bring you good profits.
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