Asked by GRACE from Philippines | Jul. 01, 2015 05:30
About:Year of the Sheep / Goat / Ram

I was born 4/8/1979 and my partner is 8/4/1973. we are on our nine years of married.

We do have quarrels but we see to it we will apologize of our wrong doings. Will our relationship will last forever? Thank u

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Answered by Gloria from Netherlands | Jul. 04, 2015 04:01
He is Ox and you are Sheep. It's true that these two signs have fights and quarrels very often. Their life is full of sorrow and happiness. However, they can't end their relationship so easily.

You should see that there is still happiness. If you both want to make your relationship continue, then both sides need to make changes. If one side is angry, then the other side should try to ease his/her anger. Learn to compromise and then you will see that you two are not a bad match in fact.
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