Asked by Parth Desai from United States | Jun. 22, 2015 16:13
About:72-Hour Visa-Free Transit

I am going to Nepal after a 48 hour lay-over in Guangzhou, but will not have my Nepal visa?

Hi, I am a medical volunteer going to help Nepal after the earthquake, but I will not be receiving my Nepal entry permit until entry into Nepal (this entry is provided immediately upon arriving to Kathmandu). I have a 48 hour lay-over in Guangzho so am staying for two nights to see the beautiful city. I have my airline tickets already booked which clearly shows that Nepal is our final destination from Guangzhou, but since I will not have my Nepal entry permit until arriving in Nepal, will I still be eligible for the 72 hour transit by just showing my airline tickets? Thanks!

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Answered by Rosemary from Ireland | Jun. 22, 2015 22:23
Parth, I think you should ask the relevant organization in Nepal to issue you a letter confirming that you can get the VOA when arriving in Kathmandu. Otherwise, there is a possibiltiy that you will be rejected to board on the plane.
Answered by Parth from USA | Jun. 23, 2015 01:29
It is the standard policy in Nepal, as in countless other small country's to provide Visa upon entry. My question is not about this at all, this is a give. My question is will I be eligible for a 72 hour free transit since I have plane tickets to verify that China is only a short stop between my final destination, and truth be told having a plane ticket is greater proof of my travel plans than having an entry permit for a country that provides the vast majority of it's VOA. Thanks for you help
Answered by Gloria from Indonesia | Jun. 23, 2015 01:59
Yes, you are eligible for the 72-hour free transit policy.
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