Asked by Jesse from Australia | May. 18, 2015 23:08
About:Year of the Dog

I am in a relationship that I think is right for us, However there are many struggles at this moment

me male dob 20/03/1982. partner female dob 10/01/1984.
Jesse from Australia

Answers (1)
Answered by Jack from Iraq | May. 21, 2015 02:38
Jesse, people of your zodiac signs are truly in love with each other. Both sides are reasonable, kind and open. They seldom have conflicts. If they share common interests and hobbies, they will have a perfect marriage. Since both sides understand the importance of personal space, they both enjoy freedom of action and speech. As a result, their relationship is harmonious.

See, you two are ok. Struggles won't last forever. As long as you two work together, you two should be able to survive the struggles and make a harmonious relationship.
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