Asked by KWANGLEE | Dec. 12, 2014 15:58
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Transport from Nanjing international airport to Qin huai district

Is there Any metro line or Shutters bus from Airport to Qin huai district along Huaihai road .
Where can I find electronic department store , in Nangjing city .

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Answered by Lily from Canada | Dec. 12, 2014 20:25
Oh, there is no direct airport shuttle bus or metro that can take you to the road.
You need to take airport shuttle bus line1 to Xihuamen Station first. Then take a taxi to Huaihai Road. The cab fare is CNY 10 to 15.
You can go to 'Buynow Electronic Market'. There are lots of stores that sell all kinds of electronical products with resonable price. It's located at no.333, Zhujiang Road, Xuanwu District.
Answered by KWANGLEE | Dec. 13, 2014 17:29
Thanks you lily from Canada,
I would like to spend some time to Huang shan city,
Can anyone tell me how to get there from Qin huai district.
Or is there a one day tour trip to join in the city?.
Thank you.
Answered by Kina from Malaysia | Dec. 15, 2014 03:06
You are suggested to take a taxi to NJ Railway Station to take a train to Huangshan or go to NJ Bus Station (Xiaohongshan) to take a direct long-distance bus to reach.

The train timetable can be found on the train page of this website. Buses are scheduled at 07:30 and 19:00 each day.

It may be not very to join a one-day trip to Huangshan. But if you wanna enjoy the city for a day with a tour, many hotels arrange it for their guests.
Answered by KWANGLEE | Dec. 18, 2014 22:38
Hi, lily from, Canada
With regards to my question about metro line from NJ lukou international airport to city .
I think you are out of touch with this city,
I came to know about the new airport line S1 already in operation,
Which can take us to NJ South railways station .and transfer to metro line.

I hope my this feedback is correct, if not please advise.

Thank you.
Answered by Lily from Canada | Dec. 19, 2014 00:25
Hi, I think you misunderstood my meaning. The "no metro" here I mean there is no direct metro trains and you need to transfer once on the way to Huaihai Road.

S1 really operates. I just think transfering once may be complex and it will be crowded on the subway trains, so I suggest you to take the airport shuttle bus and then the taxi. In this way, your trip will be comfortable. If you want to take the subway S1, you are able to take that line to the NJ South Railway Station and then change to local subway line 1 to Xinjiekou Station. Get out of the station from Exit 14 and then walk along South Zhongshan Road to Huaihai Road easily.
Answered by KWANGLEE | Dec. 19, 2014 03:56
Ok, Lily
Sorry for my misinterpretation over to your
replied earlier.
I'm Coming to NN for my Christmas holidays.
Is there a one day trip tour to the three Kingdom city in Wuxi by the local tour agent
What is your advice to go there .
And will the three Kingdom site close in Winter for visitors?
Thank you and have a nice weekend.
Merry Christmas to all in Travel China Guide.

Answered by Julie | Dec. 22, 2014 20:41
I know many hotels in Wuxi arrange one-day tours to Three Kingdom City. If you have booked a hotel there, do ask your hotel to offer you a tour. If not, some tours can be joined near local railway station. Just give it a try.
Answered by KWANGLEE | Dec. 23, 2014 00:57
Thanks you Julie ,
I'm coming from NJ city to the 3 Kingdom city ,
what's the ideal plan to reach the 3 Kingdom site , or any tour agent in NJ to contact,
thanks you
Merry Christmas all reader ..
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