Asked by Ray from USA | Jun. 29, 2014 13:45
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Shanghai Maglev & Metro Pass Question

I am still kind of confused as to how the Maglev & Metro pass works. If I buy a Maglev single trip + metro one-day pass, does that mean I can use the Maglev single trip on the day I arrive to the airport and save the metro one-day pass for later if I don't use it on the same day? Or does the maglev single trip count as my first use, so i have to use the metro one-day pass on the same day? Same with the Maglev Round Trip + metro one-day pass. Do I have to use the Maglev round trip all in one day, in addition to the metro one-day pass all in one day? Or, can I use the maglev round trip for when i arrive at Pudong airport on one day and then a few days later use it to return to the airport to complete my roundtrip?

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Answered by Gorden from USA | Jun. 29, 2014 21:03
The card can be used on maglev and metro seperately. It means you do not need to use it on the same you use the maglev and you can save the one-day metro pass for the later use.

For the round-trip maglev and metro pass, you can use the maglev in two single trips on two different days to complete the round trip.
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