Asked by jade from France | Mar. 05, 2014 19:02
About:Emperor Qin Shi Huang

Do you think shihuangdi is an effective leader or an ineffective leader and why?

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Answered by Susan from UAE | Mar. 05, 2014 19:09
Personally speaking, he is an effective leader. In order to solid his throne, he carried out many beneficial measures: he standardized weights and measures to stipulate that the round coin with square hole (Ban Liang Coin) should be the coin used in the country; he also standardized the written character, making the Qinzhuan the standard font; link the Great Wall that were made in the former dynasties. Although he was tyrant, his did make great contributions in Chinese history!
Answered by ~SWAGG~ from USA | Mar. 11, 2014 16:27
i think that Qin Shi Huang was an effective ruler because he unified China and protected them by building the great wall. Plus he made weights, measures, writing, money all the same.
Answered by BCMS from USA | Apr. 03, 2014 13:57
ineffective because he was pretty harsh
Answered by BCMS from USA | Apr. 04, 2014 13:36
Sorry, I should have been more clear. I think he was harsh because he made people work hard and made people do what some did not want to do. He made people have what some did not want.
Answered by Jordan Colunga from USA | Mar. 17, 2015 13:05
I respectfully disagree with you because he is a murderer he killed the Confucius scholars just because he did not like that way of life i am a 6th grader so i dont know a lot about it but i do know anouff about it to diss agree good day ~Jordan Colunga
Answered by Jordan Colunga from USA | Mar. 17, 2015 13:06
If he did not we would not have the great wall today
Answered by Jordan Colunga from USA | Mar. 17, 2015 13:09
I think he is ineffective because he was to harsh but if he was not harsh we would not have the Great Wall Of China today as we no it if he did not make people do it he would not have the wall worked on so i thinke he is 'kinda affective'
Answered by smart kid from Antarctica | Nov. 09, 2015 23:26
The great wall that Qin Shi Huangdi added to and finished was made from the individual walls of the 6 warring states to protect them and he just finished it off. that wall that he finished is a completely different wall to the "great wall of China" standing today. That wall had been destroyed over the 200 years of ancient china and newer dynasties build the wall we see today.
Answered by smart kid from Antarctica | Nov. 09, 2015 23:30
And also Jordan the legalism system that he employed was very harsh and effective at the same time. Qin Shi Huangdi was an effective ruler in my eyes, but he stepped over the line and lost the trust and respect of 'his' people.
Answered by smart kid from antarctica | Nov. 09, 2015 23:33
yeah and he didn't kill the scholars because he "didn't like their way of life". He killed them because they had the power to influence the people and give them perspectives and insight on things that could lead to the overthrowing of him as emperor. He also didn't respect, agree or remotely accept their philosophy and perspectives of the world and how it should be run.
Answered by brandon from USA | Feb. 09, 2016 15:11
do u think he was ineffective or effective
Answered by a smart kid from Korea | Mar. 16, 2016 19:25
I agree.
Answered by JC from USA | Apr. 05, 2016 22:33
I think he was both effective and ineffective because:
1. Built Great Wall, but raised taxes in order to build the Wall. Also, whoever died building the Wall was buried in it.
2. Standardized money, weights, and measures
3. Simplified Chinese written language
4. People were beaten if they wore embroidered shoes
5. Slaves were branded (between the eyebrows)
6. Qin thought if people were scared, they wouldn't commit crimes, so he ruled by terror

Hope this helps!
Answered by J from Australia | May. 09, 2016 18:41
You have to admit that he was affective. His system might of being harsh but it was quiet affective and it kept order for about 11 years (he only ruled for 11 years) also he wanted to protect his country (ie Great Wall of China). He unified China and worked had to make things easier and fixed up currency and writing. So honestly he was affective.
Answered by Pratham from U.S.A | Feb. 14, 2017 18:40
I think Qin Shi Huangdi is an ineffective ruler because for the following reasons:-
1)Qin had many killed during his dynasty including farmers for building the Great Wall of China and Confucian Scholars just because they thought that setting a good example is the best way to rule,while Qin thought that using harsh punishments(Legalism) was the best way.
2)Qin used harsh measures to maintain his power which leads to the killing of his brothers,he killed his brothers so that he could still be the ruler of China.He also exiled his mother because he thought that she would make someone else the ruler which he didn't want at all.
3)Since he really hated confucian scholars,he burnt their books as well,which tells us how much he was obsessed with power back then.He was also determined to end opposition to his rule which might be good is some ways,but didn't affect the people of his dynasty in any ways.
Answered by a very smart kid from USA | Mar. 11, 2017 20:47
In my opinion he was an inaffective leader. He had killed his prisoners, family and everybody who disobeyed him, making thousands of slaves work on the great wall and burried over 460 Confucianism scholars. But hey, at least he built the very useful Terracotta army.
Answered by GEGG from USA\ | Oct. 30, 2017 15:14
i think he was an ineffective leader because hee killed many scholars cofusonist and family he also made many slaves work on the great wall of china
Answered by I don’t have a name from USA | Feb. 06, 2018 12:01
True but also think about how the farmers were forced to make the Great Wall and dead slaves and farmers were used as filling for the Great Wall. The Great Wall did have a purpose, but it also killed hundreds of people.
Answered by I have no name from USA | Feb. 06, 2018 12:06
Nithyasree Ramamoorthy
February 5, 2018

Emperor Qin: The Effective and Ineffective

Executed hundreds of his enemies
Unified Chinese government and culture
Construction projects were the most spectacular in the world
Built The Great Wall of China which protested the north China border from invasion
Strong leader
Ended feudalism and unified China
Has a very strong army that protected China
Built roads for the capital city for people to get around
Developed a very strong Chinese government
Carried out beneficial measures
Standardized weights, measures and written characters

His building projects killed thousands of his own people
Thousands of Chinese were forced to work on the wall and it is said that many didn’t return
Cruel leader
Burned Confucian books
He was a legalistic who believed in harsh punishments to the wrong that people did
Forced farmers to build public worlds such as roadways and water canals
Sent soldiers to kill Confucian scholars
Had 700,000 servants build his tomb and then executed all of them
Used dead farmers as a filler to the Great Wall instead of burying them
Would do anything to be immortal
Didn’t care if people died while building the Great Wall
He was unable to find happiness
Killed his own brothers to become king and exiled his own mother in fear she was plotting against him
Wasn’t trustworthy
Answered by Moez from USA | Feb. 25, 2018 19:01
I think he was an effective ruler because he made the great wall and protected chinese from bandits and other rivals.If he didn't have made a lot of people were going to still die.He also standarized a lot of things
Answered by random person from USA | May. 16, 2018 00:00
Qin is an effective leader he did many things to protect his country. People say he was 'harsh'. don't mean to go against you, but the person asked if he was effective, not nice, rainbows, and cupcakes.
Answered by Miss. Anonymous from Where I Live! Duh! | May. 16, 2018 19:26
The second paragraph defined what effective means. This paragraph tells that Qin may have been insensitive, but he still got the job done. When Emperor Qin built The Great Wall many people died in the process. They died from lack of clothes, food, and shelter. In the folk-tale Meng-Jiang Nyu it tells us that the men had little food and a lack of warm clothing.This shows that Qin probably gave no thought to provide his people with comfort. Even though he gave them no thought, he still made an impact or, effect. Another reason he was effective is because he unified CHINA! No other ruler did that in his time period. On the website QUORA it states
“Qin's success of unification came from the reform of the legal system. With a strict and efficient legislation, and strict law enforcement and helps to enhance national cohesion.” This shows that also by having a strict belief and sound system of ruling, he was able to unify china.
Answered by Miss. Anonymous from Where I Live! Duh! | May. 16, 2018 19:28
I like your way of thinking
Answered by Ramadingam Navayasereth from Mumbai | Nov. 07, 2018 01:03
He was ineffective, because his ways of life and cruelty were unfair, which is what eventually killed him.
Answered by :D from :D | Mar. 23, 2021 02:13
Most of you are getting the question wrong, the question is was Qin and effective leader, not if he was harsh or not. He was effective because he got others to do what he wanted, despite his harsh ways he still got what he wanted and still unified China.
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