Asked by Gazelle from Malaysia | Aug. 06, 2013 17:33
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Different believes about spending money, how to solve?

I am an Aquarian Rooster (an Artist and Writer) drawn towards creative work. My husband is a Gemini Snake and works as a Medical Psychologist and Writer. Our only area of disagreement and difficulty is finances. I am a saver, with a strong need for feeling future security. He tends to live for today, enjoys nice things, material possessions and buying, and seems to not have concerns about future financial security. How can we come to a balance in this area?

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Answered by Lynette from Macedonia | Aug. 07, 2013 03:52
Hi, it is suggested to communicate with each other to find a solution for that. My suggestion for your problem:
You can divide your monthly income to several parts. Then you can spare some to your husband to enjoy himself and leave some to keep as savings.
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