Asked by Clay from washington | Jan. 18, 2013 20:06
About:Year of the Rabbit

I am kinda curious

My animal sign is a horse, 10-12-02 wasw my date of birth, am I lucky this year? Does two horses make a good couple?

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Answered by Flora | Jan. 18, 2013 20:24
It's a Wealth Year for you. While your big year is coming in 2014, this is a great to accumulate some wealth. There is money coming from several fronts and you can easily scoop up that money for your pocket. And each time you do put some of that in your bank because next year you may want to bank-roll a great business opportunity. Love is favorable if you are particular. Find someone who wants to take care of you and who will pick up the tab. This is a union that can last.
Horse and Horse are drawn to each other very strongly. They both love adventure and are charmed by the others' good looks. They both enjoy a relationship with some freedom.
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