Asked by Mr.Michael West from USA | Aug. 06, 2009 22:23
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A little help here! :)

I am trying to get to Qufu through Jinan (arriving in Jinan by train). The train arrives in Jinan at 8 p.m. It looks like the bus station for buses heading to Qufu is right across from the train station. Does anyone happen know how late the buses to Qufu leave from Jinan? I would vastly prefer to hop the bus to Qufu as soon as I get off the train, but I understand this just might not be possible, depending on how late the buses run. I need to figure out whether I should commit to reserving a room in Jinan, or go ahead and book a room in Qufu. This is a long shot, since I am leaving tomorrow morning, but anyone's insight on this would be greatly appreciated.

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Answered by Mr.Mike | Aug. 07, 2009 02:38
Hello, after 19:00, both of the train and bus from Jinan to Qufu have left. But, I have read that there will be some night bus in operation, some of which pass by Qufu. You'd better get the accurate infor when you arrive at the bus station. If not, you have to stay one night in Jinan.
Answered by Mr.Michael West from USA | Aug. 07, 2009 04:48
Hey there, Mr. Mike!

Thank you very much for your helpful reply. Fortunately or unfortunately, as I was getting close to the point-of-no-return and a little nervous I have already gone ahead and booked a night at the Railway Hotel (it's really quite cheap, so it's all good). Since a soft seat was not available and I have consequently booked a hard seat (and I didn't know that the three hour train to Jinan leaves from the Beijing West Station and I've managed to book a eight hour local train) I am certain I will be ready for a nice soft bed by the time I stumble into Jinan.

Thanks again for your help with my questions!
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