Asked by Ms.lam from Singapore | Jun. 23, 2009 22:15
About:Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport

Thanks very much to Ms.Evelyn(China) who replied on Jun. 23,2009 to my query to Kaiping.
I noticed that you mentioned taking a long distance bus from Luohu to Changping. Does it mean that there is no direct bus to Kaiping from Luohu at all? And I've to connect at Changping (常平)and is this town just north of Shenzhen? And thanks again for your help.

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Answered by Ms.Evelyn from China | Jun. 24, 2009 01:43
You are welcome. First, I want to distinguish Changping from Kaiping. Changping is in Dongguan. Kaiping City is administered by Guangzhou and Shuikou is a town in Kaiping.
Both Shenzhen airport and Luohu Bus Station (near the Luohu Railway Station) have the buses to go to Changping, Dongguan. Additionally, there are trains from Luohu Railway Station to Changping Station (also called Dongguan Station).
In my last reply, I mean there are no direct airport buses from Shenzhen airport to Kaiping in Guangzhou.You can take the airport bus 330 at the Shenzhen airport to Luohu Railway Station. Near the railway station, you can find the Luohu Bus Station. This bus station provides the buses to Kaiping. After arriving at Kaiping, trasnfer to the Kaiping BUs Station to take a bus to Shuikou.
Ps: Luohu is a district of Shenzhen. It can be regarded as a town. The Luohu Railway Station is also called Shenzhen Railway Station.
If you still have some quetions, please write back.
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