Asked by Pascal from Germany | Nov. 09, 2023 15:22
About:72-Hour Visa-Free Transit

2 Questions. Turkey Stamp / from shenzhen to hong kong

I am flighing from Frankfurt to Manila. 1 Stop BEIJEING. Back home 2 stop Shenzhen
1. Am i allowed to get trasitvisa with a stamp from Turkey? 2. I read some people got refused just because the have been in Iran pakistan or turkey.
2. If i get a trasitvisa (first 12 hours IN BEIJEING, second flight back 19 hours in Shenzhen) am i allowed to go Shenzhen to hong kong? Sooorry :)))

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Answered by Borut | Nov. 09, 2023 23:48
Pascal, I am correct when I understand that your itinerary will look exactly like this:

Frankfurt - Beijing - Manila

and then

Manila - Shenzhen - Frankfurt (with side trip to Hong Kong)

Under the assumptions that you have mentioned your all stops, I will tell you that your first journey is fine and definitely covered by 24 hour visa free transit, so you do not need any kind of visa.

Your second plan is highly problematic. Well, if you we remove side trip to Hong Kong, you are fine again because you will be also covered by 24 hour visa free transit and you do not need any kind of visa.

As far as Hong Kong is concerned, the answer is no because you are not allowed to make an exit to Hong Kong under 24 hour visa free transit. If only your layover in Shenzhen was a minute longer than 24 hours, you would be covered by 144 hour visa free transit and in that case, you would be allowed to exit Hong Kong, by pre-booked ferry ticket and after your exploration of Hong Kong to return to Shenzhen by applying for 5 days Shenzhen visa on arrival to reach the airport and to continue with your flight from Shenzhen to Frankfurt.

Turkish stamp is not a problem. If asked, you will just reply that you were there for a holidays, sun & sea or shopping.
Answered by Pascal | Nov. 13, 2023 07:45
Thank you very much.
Am i allowed to leave the airport in beijing (14hours) and shenzhen (19 hours)?
Could i go to the great Wall for a few hours?
Thank you so much....
Answered by Helen | Nov. 13, 2023 18:14
Generally, there is no problem getting out of the airport in Shenzhen. But in Beijing, it depends.
Answered by Pascal | Nov. 15, 2023 01:30
Whether I'm allowed to leave the Airport is depends on the person at the border control?
Thank you
Answered by Kelly | Nov. 15, 2023 18:03
Yes, but you will have a high chance to get out of the airport.
Answered by Borut from Slovenia | Nov. 16, 2023 00:10
Pascal, when traveling on 24 hour visa free transit you are allowed to travel through China visa free and that is your right. However, to be allowed to exit the airport is not a passenger right, but more like a bonus. This is the reason why the airport officials are allowed to use their discretionary right to judge case by case if a person fulfills some criteria like the length of layover, if she/he has bought an overnight accommodation if the layover is during the night, if the person has bought a tour or similar... They use several criteria to define and then to conclude if the person is eligible for this bonus. So, by not allowing the person to exit the airport is not a breaching of any right or rule, but just a decision brought on the factual basis... It is different thing is someone is transiting for more than 24 hours, then there is 144 hour visa free transit scheme and under this scheme all those holding eligible citizenship (53 countries) are allowed to exit the airport and to explore the permitted area visa free. I hope this has cleared some of your doubts.
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