Asked by Nieya from USA | Sep. 05, 2023 17:32
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I’m a Libra Earth horse who is Single

I dated another Earth horse like me…he was a Capricorn and the same age….My heart is still for him after being broken up for 3 years now…I feel like I found my other half…why I say that is because I did date another Earth horse Pisces 24 years ago who also is the same age as me that I fell in love with and we had a son but after just two years in we broke up and I thought I would never get over my feelings for him but with in a year and a half later of our brake up I felt nothing for him at all…with the Capricorn Earth horse he reminded me of myself but as a male version of me…like I was looking at myself but as a male me….our connection was so intense and scary at the same time we broke up in the year June of 2020 after 5 years with each other…n I figure my feelings will be gone soon but it’s been 3 years since the brake up and I still love him…but I also found out he’s still in love with me too…why is it that we still feel this way for each other ?

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Answered by Mia | Sep. 07, 2023 19:32
It is hard to say, and maybe that's destiny. Though the love compatibility between you is not very high, it is still suggested to follow your heart. Communicate more and stay calm to feel if he is your true love. Good luck!
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