Asked by Barry Harold Spencer from 中国 | May. 14, 2020 05:49
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Visa Extension

I have an S2 Multiple Entry visa. The first entry expired on 21st April 2020 and now i am on the 2 months automatic extension. That is due to finish on 21st June 2020 when it finishes will it be automatically extended again. If not what is the next step to take to extend. Also will an extension void my multiple entry visa. Can you advise me please.

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Answered by Ellen from USA | May. 17, 2020 19:25
Barry, no, it won't automativally extended again, which means you need to go to the local exit and entry administration to apply forn a one-month extension before 21st June 2020. This may void your multiple entry visa.
Answered by Min from China | May. 21, 2020 03:30
This is what I got from the NIA website Q&A section.
This was the answer to someone on a tourist visa whose 60-day auto extension is nearly up and needs to get a further 30 day extension at the Exit Entry Admin.
So basically the answer says the further extension application will not cancel this person’s existing visa as long as it is still within its valid period.
Answered by SimonT from USA | May. 22, 2020 01:35
The website is one thing, in real life it is entirely different. They are cancelling all old visas for the new visa system. Got mine today and its a 0 entry 3 month visa. That is the longest visa extension available. When this expires, it'll be back to the EEA for another 3 months, every 3 months repeating the process. If I travel outside of China, the visa is void and I will need to apply for a new one from abroad at an embassy. So even if/when the travel bans are lifted, I am now unable to travel. Also, the new visa looks totally different than any of the previous visas and has my photo on the actual sticker on the passport page. Clearly, they're using this travel ban as an excuse to cancel all visas and introduce a new system of entry/exit visa control. Enjoy.
Answered by SimonT from USA | May. 22, 2020 01:37
No if and, but or may about it, 100% it will void your visa. There is no choice in the matter.
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