Asked by Shalu from India | Jun. 03, 2018 19:13
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I am a horse female born on 28.7.1978 near Delhi. So far, I have been a part of failed marriage

a bitter relationship and now a married man has entered in my life; a feel so alone, I have let him in my life but has no stability. I haven't achieved much in terms of career also. I m directionless . I m longing for stability in life. Do you see any marriage and growth in career? Please help.

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Answered by Allen from USA | Jun. 04, 2018 04:36
According to Chinese zodiac, you may get promotion in your career as long as you work hard enough. More importantly, you should try your best to get along well with your colleagues so that you may have a little chance to get a higher salary. As for your love life, I hope you can stay calm and avoid being impulsive in front of the men you meet. In my opinion, you should put your work at the first place and try to improve yourself.
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