Asked by Jessica from Canada | Sep. 09, 2017 21:01
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can you let me know my fortune? Love life, Finances, Career?

I am born 1988 july 06 calgary alberta. I am with a rabbit 1987. next year is a bad year for me but a good year for the rabbit can you help me out? Any future financial difficulties? Career difficutlies? love?



Answers (1)
Answered by Peter from Australia | Sep. 10, 2017 19:33
You are a fortunate woman. Your Sun in Cancer means that you will always care for your family (husband, children and pets.) You will be able to save money and make a fortune in your life. Mr. Fire Rabbit is not your perfect match, but you stand to benefit from him, so it will be good for both of you, since Fire and Earth elements are matching well. Your home and family mean everything to you. You are open-handed to those who are dear to you. You are impulsive, and your temper could flare-up. You would make a good detective, or a prison employee, or work in a hospital. Always be open, and refuse to do anything illegal, or to drink alcohol, as you are prone to have secret enemies, who will be after you all your life. You could write the best Canadian novel, since you had Venus conjunct Mercury in your chart. Next year don’t try to invest money or get a better job. Maintain the position you already have, and wait for better times. Let your man benefit from his good year 2018. Your lungs are at risk, so make sure you never catch cold. Try to be on good terms with your relatives, and neighbours. You will change employment many times. You didn’t write the hour and minute when you were born, so we could not analyse your natal houses. Good luck to you and your man.
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