Asked by Jennifer Zhang | Aug. 01, 2017 10:35
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Can I bring pre-packaged snacks from China to America?

I know fresh foods & seeds etc. are banned from going in & out of China, but what about pre-packaged snacks like chips (crisps) & candy? I just wanted to bring some home to California to share with my friends, but I'm not sure if that violates the law, if they'll be confiscated, if I'll be questioned, etc.
If I am allowed to bring these snacks to America, do I have to keep it in my luggage? Or can I keep it in my carry-on bag to snack on during my 12-hour flight back home?

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Answered by Phoebe from Iceland | Aug. 01, 2017 21:38
Don’t worry, as I know, some food like egg, milk, and pickled food are forbidden. Things like candy and chips are allowed.
You can keep it with you if they are not over the standard weight.
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