Asked by MLBV from USA | Dec. 09, 2016 22:17
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I was born in Dec 10, 1968 sometime in the afternoon between 3 to 5 pm.

I am a divorcee for 5 yrs. I started to seriouly date last year. I have not been lucky however I met someone who was born on Jan 24, 1976. He is 8 yrs my junior. He is an Aquatian and Rabbit. Its challenge for us because of long distance relationship and both of us have demanding jobs. We seem to be bery compatible (phusical, emotional, Intellectual and spiritual) but time and location has been tough for us.
Will there be a future long term relationship for us? Will we reunite to live in one place together?
My family is doing good except for my parents deteriorating health. Money has been tough as well for the family.
I had a career change...a lateral move to a different role, the challenge is the companys stability and the extensive travels that entail the job. I took on an additonal work (side gig) that will pay a lot of money. This job is a safety net in case the other job falls through.
I need to know if there will be a sense of security and longetibity for me in terms of love, family health, career and wealth.
Thank you and I appreciate your time to answer my questions and concerns.

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Answered by Tim from Belgium | Dec. 13, 2016 20:41
Hi, if you feel happy with your boyfriend, it can be a good match. But the long distance is really a challenge. MLBV, it is advised you find out a solution to live together and with the last problem being solved, you may live a happy love life.
Since you have found jobs, you may need to devote much of your time in your works. With excellent performance, you can then feel secure. The salary can improve your financial condition.
As for your parents, a good medical treatment need to be ensured. Listening to doctors' advice, taking pills on time, doing exercise, eating healthily; these methods can be helpful.
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