Asked by Srija Nair from India | Sep. 21, 2016 02:10
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I want to know my career this year and vehicle this year. I am 1991 born sheep year girl.

I am planning to buy scooter in October month. What is the lucky in October to buy a vehicle can you please tell. Also I want to know about my career growth.

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Answered by Valentine from France | Sep. 21, 2016 20:18
The wealth condition of October is quite good. Buying a scooter may not cause big problems. You can do it.
But the career may not be that lucky. It is predicted that unexpected challenges might emerge at work. Mean peers in the company may also give you a hard time. To prevent these problems, you need to keep a low profile and maintain a harmonious peer relationship. Your colleagues can help you solve the challenges at work.
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