Asked by AR from Singapore | Aug. 18, 2016 21:17
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I have been having great difficulties at work this year. I am looking to change my job.

Hi, I was born on 11 March 1986 at about 9:15AM. Do you think it will be better than my current job? Or do you think I should wait it out till the next year? My concern is, things at my current job might not improve. So, I was wondering if it's better to try a new job. The difficulties might be there, but probably better than my current job?

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Answered by Peter from Australia | Aug. 20, 2016 05:52
In about a month, transiting Jupiter will conjunct your 6th House of Work and Health, and you will feel the wonderful help the great planet will bring to this area. It will transit through this house for little over one year. Transiting Saturn also conjuncts your Natal Saturn pushing you to think for a complete change of your direction in life. If you were born at the exact hour and minute when you wrote you were, and not even five minutes earlier, then you had at birth Jupiter in your 10th House of career, and you will be extremely lucky in life. If in two months from now, you would like to get another job, you certainly will be able to do the change, as Jupiter will be there in your 6th House and give you a boost in your confidence and in your health. Good luck to you.
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