Asked by Harsh from Sri Lanka | May. 04, 2016 05:01
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Hong Kong , Macau and China Business Visa

Hellow Sir/Madam,

I am a Businessman in Sri Lanka . I have few legal business partners in Hong Kong . They have come to Sri Lanka several times but I have never been to Hong Kong before although I have been invited many times . I am planing to make a business trip in the end of this month to Hong Kong,Macau and to China .

I have with me My Passport , the Hong Kong company invitation letter , ID 1003B&1003A forms , our company to company agreements which is certified by the Sri Lankan Consulate in Hong Kong , The ID Card,Passport copy , business registration copy of the Sponsor and my business Registration certificates .

1)Is there anything else that I need to submit ?
2)Should I submit the original confirmed Air tickets or just the itinerary ?
3)If I want to visit Macau also during this trip , should I obtain another visa ?
4)Can I obtain the China Visa also in the same time or Can I get the china visa from Hong Kong after my arrival? If so what are the documents I need to supply for that ?


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Answered by Richard from Belgium | May. 04, 2016 22:02
1). In addition to the documents mentioned above, you also need to provide proof of your financial support, transportation and accommodation arrangement.
2). You can just submit the Photocopy of proof of transportation arrangement such as flight itinerary.
3). Yes, you want to apply for another entry permit beforehand to visit Macau.
4). It’s difficult for you to apply for mainland PRC entry permit after arriving in HK. You should apply for it in your home country at the same time when you apply for the HK and Macau entry permtis. If you go there for relax or leisure purpose, the required documents include your passport and copy of its data page, the application form, a passport-style photo, a letter from a local travel agency, invitation letter for tourist from Chinese Tourist Bureau, travel itinerary, company covering letter and latest 3-month bank statement.
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