Asked by faith from Philippines | Jul. 13, 2015 04:23
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i my birthday is September 1,1989 year of snake virgo what year do i will have baby ?

And do you predict i wil marry again when? What will be his nationality? Because theres alot courting to me different nationaloty man. im very depress why my life ia very rocky. i feel im not lucky to find a good man of my life.

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Answered by Fay from Oman | Jul. 14, 2015 04:58
Faith, your priority is to find a good man and start your new life. Then you can plan to have a baby. Yes, according to your birth date, you are able to start your second marriage. However, I can't tell when it occurs. You just need to make your efforts to find the guy first. His nationality dosn't matter. The key is whether he really loves you.

Everyone has bad times. You just need to cheer up and seek your own happiness. Have faith in yourself. You can do much better because you deserve a better life.
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