Asked by Steve from United Kingdom | Jul. 03, 2015 18:41
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Kunming or Guilin?

Unfortunately I will only have the opportunity to visit only one of them...the problem,both seem attractive destinations.I will be able to visit either mid September or mid November.I am so undecided.I love the countryside especially mountains.As a non Mandarin speaker perhaps Kunming may offer more in the way of excursions I am not sure.
If anyone could perhaps tilt my decision one way or another I would be really appreciative.
Thankyou so much for your advice!
Steve in London

Answers (2)
Answered by Lily from India | Jul. 06, 2015 20:06
As you said you love the countryside especially mountains, so I suggest you go to GL, which has the essence landscape sightseeing in China. The countryside of Yangshuo is perfect for cycling, which should not be missed!

Actually, if you cannot speak much mandarin, it’s ok, for you can have easy access to English speaking service in GL. There are many foreigners, they couldhave a smooth tour. So could you.

You like mountains, GL offers the best. You can take a cruise to enjoy the best view. You like countryside; you can go to Yangshuo, which has the one of the most beautiful countrysides in China.
Answered by Steve BRADDICK from United Kingdom | Jul. 07, 2015 17:30
Thankyou Lily from India (not China!) for taking the time to send this very helpful guidance.I do appreciate your advice! Best Wishes. Steve
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