Asked by Vee from USA | May. 12, 2015 16:06
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I am Monkey Gemini 6/3/68. He's Rat Capricorn 12/29/60. Would Marriage be successful?

We have known each other for 13yrs as co-worker/friends. We haven't even held hands. July last yr my mom was said to have stage 4 lung cancer n Jan. I lost my job of 17yrs. My life has taken a major hit. He has been very involved n my well being. speaking about marriage n referring to me as his wife??? If we did get married it would be the second time for the both of us.

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Answered by Vera from Ghana | May. 13, 2015 03:20
Vee, you two are a great match. You both can understand each other very well so that you can tolerate each other's shortcomings. You two can help each other to succeed in your life. If you have the same feelings for him, then you should give you both a chance to figure out whether you can be as good as Chinese zodiac predicts.
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