Asked by FRANCE from Philippines | Apr. 16, 2015 06:49
About:Year of the Rat

Can i recover for this what I have experience so meaning things happen to me not good for me?

There is a chance can remove the bad luck for for this year 2015. Since december 2014 until right now 2015.Staring of the 1st month of the year 2015 until right now. From December 2014, Jan, Feb, Mar and until this month of April. I have been experience lot of fool when it comes to money maters. I have been scam tru online and also phone conversation. I don't what happen to me to me cause i gave them the details they asking for like my card details. They took amount of my credit card and also i send them money. Because i want something change to improve my life that's why i gave the money asking tru money provider sender. I both also bracelet to the Chinese store just class A bracelet to control the things something well happen to me or going to protect me. I think there's no effect. There is a chance to survive to this? to remove the negatives vibes for this coming months. I hope you understand me. Thank you so much.

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Answered by Rat Lee Goal | Apr. 16, 2015 14:43
As a Wood rat my self i have come to experience we are indeed very powerful if we desire the power and the laws of attraction. religion&views of it, i must say is the biggest hamper on our success as it consumes us entirely. what i have found best to remove horrible luck spells is to sit down with just yourself. wright down what you have done in the last week and then ask yourself how can i make myself happy without money. as we love power and authority Buddha put us first for a reason were the most intelligent. you have to ask is money the reason i run around all day for everybody to for me to make money and them to make money off of me. money is somebody else's creation of power and authority. not ours. i have a problem with money rejection
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