Asked by jocelyn from Philippines | Dec. 10, 2014 17:54
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I just want to know if my the man of my life will come on 2015.

and when I'm getting married whT on 2015 career and wealth is good.i was born January 19 1982.

Answers (1)
Answered by Linda from Kenya | Dec. 10, 2014 21:42
Jocelyn, your love fortune isn't very good in 2015. So I am afraid that you may not meet your man. Well, your career is good. You will do well in your current job. If possible, you can start your own business. However, your wealth isn't well. You should avoid cooperating with oher people to do business. Meanwhile, you should make ends meet instead of wasting your money because you may lose your money in 2015.
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