Asked by kazoua | Nov. 30, 2014 23:56
About:Year of the Dragon

I am a dragon female born 1988. I would like a description of how 2015 will be like for me.

Such as; career, loved, money, marriage relationship and what will be the best month our of the 12 months for a better job changing

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Answered by Ruby from Indonesia | Dec. 01, 2014 01:28
Kazoua, you need to challenge yourself if you want to make success in your career. You need to overcome many difficulties and great pressure before you become successful in your career. Generally speaking, you are luckier in the first six months. However, you shouldn't forget to interact with your colleagues even though you are successful. In the second half, you should focus on increasing your knowledge, which will bring benefits to your career. Your love fortune isn't very good. You shouldn't be hurry if you are single. He/she will appear at the right moment.
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