Asked by Jeffrey from united states | Jul. 06, 2014 16:39
About:Year of the Tiger

I'm a tiger and feel like getting revenge on the dogs, I hate them. Do I really match with a dog?

The truth is that I have a dog father but he did not want to recognize me as his son when my mom was pregnant. I hate him and so for this reason if later on if I'm in a relationship with a dog person, I will only get revenge but not be with the dog for love. In my mind if I see a dog person it will always remind me of my father and so that's why I hate all the dogs.

Answers (1)
Answered by Samantha from USA | Jul. 07, 2014 23:24
Try not to compare anyone to your dad, you may never know who will surprise you. But don't go hating dogs for the rest of your life, you might me someone who does happen to be one.
Hoped this helped
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