Asked by Serena from Taiwan | Mar. 04, 2014 23:40
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Can you turn the pynyin into Chinese characters please?

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Answered by Billy from USA | Mar. 05, 2014 00:23
Most foreigners don't understand Chinese characters. As far as I know, it has been internationally agreed that Chinese names and locations should be represented by Pinyin. If I was correct, the United Nations Conferences on the Standardization of Geographical Names has passed this resolution in 1979. So I think it's convenient and easy for foreigners to understand Pinyin rather than characters. Meanwhile, Chinese can easily understand Pinyin too.
Answered by DavidB from USA | Mar. 09, 2014 10:32
yes there are many programs that can convert pinyin into Chinese characters, but the problem is that you need to know the Chinese characters in order to convert. When you type in the pinion word it will give you several choices of Chinese characters and you have to know which Chinese character to pick.
Answered by Jim from Australia | Mar. 17, 2014 01:41
It is not always entirely accurate, but I use Google translate. If you type in your English word or phrase, [most long sentences are not accurate] You will get the Chinese characters in the opposite side. Below that, is the pinyin. There is also a button you can press, and a female Chinese voice, will speak the pinyin words, so you get the correct pronunciation. A problem does arise if you are in Southern China, as the translation is in either Traditional or Mandarin [Simplified Chinese] which is spoken in the North. But in the South, they find it hard to understand both the characters and the pinyin, as they tend to speak Canton. Also, with so many dialects, it is difficult to even get the right pinyin, as I believe there are 5 versions of it.
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