Asked by Aquamarine from USA | Nov. 27, 2013 10:28
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The guy I am dating, we're an 80% match. It says we're a great pair but the thing is, we started off on the wrong foot and now it's a very rocky relationship.

For some reason both he and I are still willing to work at it but it doesn't seem like we are getting through. Maybe its because we are both really stubborn! Anyways, I don't really believe in stars aligning and what not to find your soul mate and stuff but I definitely do look at it with guidance. Now, I kind of play around with dates and what not, and if I was to find someone who is 4 years older than me, that person and I would a 90% match. Does that mean I should stop with my guy since he is only an 80% or should i stay and stick it out to see where it can lead? but now knowing that if i look for someone who is 4 years older than me,possibly we can be better suited for each other... if I stay with my guy, I'm always going to feel like, there is that possibility that I can find a more suited person for me. Does that make sense?!...what do you think!?

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Answered by Lisa from Germany | Nov. 27, 2013 13:53
Hey Aquamarine,
i feel you. Really I do! But I know this now sounds cheesy, but why did you get together with guy 1 in the first place? Do you love him? Or is love not a criteria? This is a really sticky situation.

Well but my personal opinion is that if you really do know that your just trying to fix the broken pieces and are not happy with it then, really let it go. The question is if you are happy and if you have fun with the guy.
But a word of advice don't take the 80 or 90 percent to seriously. Its just a possibility on how good you two match. Its not the stars that predestine our destiny. it just gives a path that we CAN walk or not. Its all up to you :)

Hope it helped in your decision
Good luck
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