Asked by Ms. Confused from India | Nov. 01, 2013 06:01
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22.11.1984 Born .. 2013 has not been good

I moved to a new city in April due to my husband's job but I am not liking it here.. the first half of the year was good which included good overseas projects and my career was going well.. however the second half has been dull / stressful/ boring.

Please let me know if 2014 will be any better for me and my relationship with spouse (born 24.04.1982) ?

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Answered by Liana from Philippines | Nov. 05, 2013 02:55
Hi, you need to well control your emotions in 2014 in case of any problems. If you often lose your temper, you will hurt your spouse so that there may be some conflicts between you two. Therefore, it is suggested to talk to him more to keep a good relationship. Then be positive and everything will be fine!
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