Asked by born in 2001 from Australia | Oct. 14, 2013 22:45
About:Year of the Snake

I was born on the year of the snake, why am i so quiet?

I was born on the year of the snake and those thing are so me! i say little, i'm not worried about money and i do feel tremendous sympathy for others!!!! i look calm on the surface. i am likely to get jealous and suspicious, i always get jealous and suspicious actually. i prefer to rely on myself. i have polite manners but i can be headstrong. Those things are so me!!!

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Answered by Mina from Australia | Oct. 14, 2013 22:57
Don't be mad! Everything person has their own personalities, good or bad. Since you have realize all the problems, it is suggested to be open-minded. Learn to be generous by communicating more with your friends and family. When there are something happends, try to think about others at a different angle. Gradually, u will change and u will get popular among people around.
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