Asked by Sabelle | Sep. 03, 2013 01:27
About:Year of the Pig

I am facing a lot of problems at work and feeling depressed and desire to cry when I think about it. Might fall into low-grade depression soon I think.

Yes I have offended my boss' boss before and he probably thinks im not competent enough.

Should I quit now and take a break till Horse year to find a job (I have money to last till next year no problem)? Or should I continue to hang on in this workplace for sake of money, and wait till Horse year to find job?

Answers (1)
Answered by Cathy from Singapore | Sep. 03, 2013 22:14
From what you decribed, it is suggested to work harder in your current position to prove your boss that you are competent enough. Anyway, if you tell me your DOB, I can tell more about your fortune.
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