Asked by Cancer fire Monkey from Australia | Jul. 17, 2013 15:39
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I am cancer fire monkey, 1956, Will I find a stable and loving relationship in 2013 or at all ?

Sun in cancer 6th. Moon in aries 3rd. Mercury in gemini 5th. Venus in Gemini 5th Mars in Pisces 2nd
Jupiter in Leo 8th Saturn in Scorpio 11th Nth node in Sag 11th Sth Node in Sag 5th Aquarius is Ascendant

Libra mid heaven Moon in last quarter See Saw shaped chart

This life never married. Brief partners only, nothing at all compatible. Was told by very reputable person some years back that there is powerful karmic block. This is true! as I can feel it. It is like trying to swim to China and I say that without been at all negative. No one has never been drawn seriously to me.

Several readers have said my horoscope has potential to find a partner but nothing has happened. If someone wishes to help out here with a short possible answer then I would be very grateful. Thank you

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Answered by Jessica from USA | Jul. 21, 2013 04:07
For your lovelife, it will become much better this year. You may find someone you like most and you may even get married with that guy. So please do not worry about it.
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