Asked by jharnaa from India | Jul. 11, 2013 07:18
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am a rat 3 spt 1996(she) - 9 june 1995 .. we are close friends, but will we a love nd marriage match?

how will our career prospect in the coming yrs. and please tell whether will be a good couple.. and will we stick toghther in the near future! and are marriage possiblilities?
and most importantly can u tell me how does he feels abut me :)

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Answered by Shan from Germany | Jul. 11, 2013 20:30
It is really hard to predict how he feels about you; however, Chinese astrology based on your dates of birth shows that you two make a perfect match. Therefore, you can be a little active to evolove your current friendship to love. If ot works, you will stay together for long.

As for the career fortune, it can be good for both of you. Don't worry!
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