Asked by Pinky from USA | Feb. 28, 2013 23:43
About:Year of the Pig

I am a pig and my man is monkey. Can we get marriage in future?

We met for about 6 months and then I moved to other country for my job. We agreed to keep contacts and after three years I will move again to the country he lives in. But we just have quite short relation and I am afraid that we are not able to get marriage after three years.

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Answered by Simon from United Kingdom | Mar. 02, 2013 20:00
According to Chinese, you can live a peaceful life, but sometimes, you may treat the other people politely instead of sweetly. You seldom rely on each other. However, the marrige life will give you more chances to communicate and hope you can have a happy and good life. For your situation, I suggest you to communicated with him a lot and then thinking about the marriage life.
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