Asked by Susan T. from USA | Dec. 27, 2012 06:05
About:Year of the Snake

I was born 09/17/1953 and a new love interest born 09/19/1959. What is in store for us in 2013?

Is it possible for two people who love each other very much to have a successful life together if they have signs in Chinese astrology that are deemed incompatible? This man is moving across two continents to be with me in 2013 and after many, many years of begin single and choosing to be alone, I have let this man into my heart and my life but know that we come from two very different cultures, languages and lifestyles. Is there any hope for a lasting and loving relationship with this man in my future? He's the only man who has lovingly and gently broken down my emotional walls and loved me for me. He has much wealth and knows I do not and seems to love me for me anyway. I do not care about his wealth since I am creating wealth of my own this year, but he has a gentle and loving nature and feels the sun rises and sets in me. Is there any sign that this relationship will be a lasting one? We are both Virgo's, but also different Chinese astrology signs and two signs that are not compatible with one another. Please advise before I invest much more time and emotional energy into this situation. Thank you.

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Answered by YangMing from China | Dec. 28, 2012 01:53
Mr. Pig is the simple and honest and sincere desire to make by cater to his snake wife tastes both fully satisfied. However, the wife inherently pretentious, the pursuit of perfection and refined realm. The couple live in almost mysterious and unpredictable supernatural space is too alternative. The wife naturally bothered to participate in to Mr. Pig uncontrolled indulgence games, which undoubtedly will Mr. Pig at a loss, and thus produce resentment resentment
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