Asked by Louise | Dec. 01, 2012 17:13
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I'm a Taurus/Rooster and he's an Aries/Sheep... How will this work out?

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Answered by Hilton | Dec. 01, 2012 19:16
Well, it can be a good match. You may hold different idea about something, but you can handle the problems in the same approach. Once you decide to spend the whole life with eacho ther, you may try hard to miantain a harmonious family atmosphere. The male sheep is considerate so that the female rooster always feel happy with him. While the male sheep is a little sensitive, which needs the great cares and understanding of his partner.
In the respect of western signs, you may meet some arguments in the daily life, which needs your mutual understanding, communication and discussing to handle them.
Anyway, all in all, you can get happiness if you are willing to.

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