Asked by Mr.max from cameroon | Mar. 18, 2011 02:31
About:Embassy of Cameroon in China

Hey Guys
why is it that our embassy here in china is a mess. are the employees qualified to serve the public or they are just there because they had Godfathers? how come you call an embassy and the receiver doesn't speak french nor English what a mess is that? why not employ someone who is qualify and dedicated to severing people.
when are we going to stand be able to compare ourselves with others ? why are we always a mess when it comes to public services related to government position or managerial services. they are there because there are people to be served . if there were no people to be served they wont be there .
so please why not improve your services to the standard of other embassies and make us Cameroonians proud of our country?
you have been paid to do service the public. why acting as if you are slaves ?if not happy serving the public with loyalty and dignity ,why not resign and give the chance to those who are willing to do so?

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Answered by Mr.Shanghai from Shanghai | Mar. 21, 2011 01:20
Max thats exactly how i feel.they dont care about their people.Cameroon government as a whole is a Big mess.we are baggers to our services,we must bribe before they served us well,they treat us as baggers.

the embassy in China is a big mess they tried to steal my passport it took me to hell before i came out of the trouble the must pay back im making a website only because of this. they are horrible..the secretary said to me he he he dont tell me about ur passport very very rude to a person who is desperate about his passport i felt so so bad we are not baggers we have to stand up for ourselves.

I will advice anyone not to send his passport to the embassy it took them more than a month to accpet my passport was with them even after accepting they didnt send it to me that was only after a got a lawyer who sent evidents and a letter to the embassy that was when they accepted!!!!!!
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