Asked by Mr.gypsy from usa | Feb. 11, 2011 13:34
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Hi, I am writing to end a debate on the birth year for the Chinese Zodiac. My childrens birthdates are 2-5-1986 and the other child is 1-23-1999. Ive told them that the one is an Ox and the other is a Tiger, where they disagree and tell me no that one is a Tiger and the other is a Rabbit. I try to explain to them that their birthyear is basically on the cusp of the other animals, such as the same for the Zodiac with the other symbols, for instance if one is born on Feb 19 they are on the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces. If you could explain in further detail on how it is determined what you are in the Chinese Zodiac it would be greatly appreciated. Basically they are going by their birthyear not the whole birthdate to determine their Animal of the Chinese Zodiac. We have gone into a Chinese restaurant that would only show the birthyear of the animal and that is what they have been going by. They do not understand that the Chinese New Year doesnt begin in January, but that it actually begins in February. Anyway, it be greatly appreciated if you could help me to end this debate, Thank you!!


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Answered by Ms.ROSEKNIGHT from China | Feb. 12, 2011 22:01
Hi, sir. The animal birth year is according to lunar birthday. So, 2-5-1986 in western has 12-27-1985 in Chinese lunar calendar. So, it is still the Ox Year. The days later, it would be the year of Tiger. 1-23-1999 is 12-7-1998 in lunar calendar, so, it is tiger year. Hope this can be an end to the debate.
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