Asked by Mr.fakir,vai from bangladesh | Jan. 30, 2011 08:34
About:Niujie Mosque

Hi there,
Is there any Muslim led Mandarin school near Niujie Mosque? Or nearby any Muslim Masjid or Muslim community?

I would like to take Mandarin classes this summer 2012.
I speak fluent English and Bengali and next one would be Mandarin.

Could you e-mail me total course cost for the 3 months for this summer 2011?

Please provide all cost in your local currency.
How much room rent cost per month? (if I share with someone or If I stay by myself?)

I need some detail information for budgeting purposes.
How much mobile phone cost per month?
How much high speed internet cost per month?
Health insurance cost per month = $
How much food cost per month?
How much transportation cost per month?

What other expenses I should expect?
I need some detail information for preparing proposal and budgeting purposes.

Once receive info from you, I will present to my approval committee and
upon approval I will take classes this June 2011.

Thank you

Answers (1)
Answered by Mr.Qi | Jan. 31, 2011 02:48
I know that there are many English training schools around that area. You can go there to see if there are some Mandarin classes.
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