Asked by Ms.Jacq from Hong Kong | Sep. 28, 2010 09:45
About:Jinan Transportation

I am going to Tai Shan from Qingdao. I would like to fly out to Shanghai from the Jinan airport to Shanghai. My question is:
1) Is the railway station (in Tai Shan) the same if my train goes to Qingdao or to Jinan (I have other friends who would be travelling to Qingdao from Tai Shan)? What is the name of this railway station.
2) How frequent are the trains from Tai Shan to Jinan?
3) The train ride from Tai Shan to Jinan is around 45 minutes? How much is the ticket?
4) What is the name of the Jinan railway station?
5) How long does it take to go from the Jinan railway station to the Jinan Airport? How much?

Thanks so much.

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Answered by Ms.SUMMERLING from China | Sep. 29, 2010 04:53
1. I'm a little puzzled by your question, but the railway station at Taishan is called Taishan Railway Station.
2. The interval of the train from Taishan to Jinan is around 20-30 minutes, sometimes it would be shorter.
3. Around 50 minutes, CNY13-27.
4. It is called Jinan Railway Station
5. There are direct shuttle bus to Jinan Railway Station to Jinan Airprot, it costs CNY20. Takes around 1 hour time or longer.
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