Asked by Ms.Fiona from Singapore | Sep. 05, 2010 03:40
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I have questiona about our travel to Huangshan from Nanjing and then from Huangshan to hangzhou

Thanks very much for your reply.

We had a change of plan and thus we will go to Huangshan from Nanjing and then from Huangshan to hangzhou.

May I know -

1) What are the departure time, cost, duration for the buses from Nanjing to Huangshan (Tangkou)? Where do we buy the bus tickets and to board the bus from Nanjing? Need any advance booking?

2) We are thinking to stay 1 night on the summit and leave for Tunxi (& stay 1 night there ) the next day after breakfast. Assuming that we will take the morning bus from Nanjing to Huangshan. What do you suggest the places we should visit at Huangshan given the short time we have?

3) From Tunxi, what are the departure time, cost, duration for the buses to go to Hangzhou?

4) Is it necessary to book accomodation prior reaching Huangshan / Tunxi? We should be there from 14 to 16 Sep.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Many thanks


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Answered by Mr.Michael | Sep. 07, 2010 01:26
There is a bus to Huangshan daily at Nanjing Zhongyangmen Bus Station at 08:00, it costs CNY93 per ticket and takes around 6 hours.You don't need to book the ticket in advance, just get to the bus station earlier in the morning.

You can go the north line and have a quick visit in the afternoon.

Time table for buses to Hangzhou from Tunxi: 6:00 11:40 7:00 12:30 7:10 13:30 8:00 14:30 9:00 15:30 10:00 16:30 11:10 16:50 10:20 9:40 costs around CNY100 per ticket and about 3 hours

Not very necessary, there are many hostels around Tunxi and Tangkou, you can find one and stay.

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