Asked by Mr.Ronin from New Orleans, LA, USA | Jan. 04, 2010 13:31
About:China Consulate in Houston

I am leaving on February 3rd to travel to China to visit Shanghai for 3 days, then Beijing for 4 days, then finally to stay 2 weeks in the Fuzhou/Xiamen area.

I already have my American Passport & Passport Card, as well as my Airline tickets. I will be traveling with a friend of many years who is originally from Fuzhou and his family have invited me to come and stay a few weeks with them to visit and see the country.

My questions are:

I have been trying and trying to call the number listed here for over a week now with no luck. Why is this number only manned for just 1 hour?

I read that they only accept Cash or Money Order? Why not Credit Cards? I think that is is a bit absurd in todays world.

If I drive to Houston from New Orleans, am I able to receive my China Visa that SAME DAY? I would prefer not to have to drive all the way there just to get my Passport stamped. If it cannot be done the same day, I can't afford to sit around Houston TX waiting for 4 days to get it. If I come there, can it then be mailed (next day postage) back to me ?

I have read in various areas that the China Application CAN and CANNOT be done through the mail. Which one is correct? If it cannot be done through the mail, why do I see companies offering paid services to handle it for you. How can they do it without the actual person being there, yet the actual person cannot do it themselves through the mail? This sounds a bit fishy to me.

I have tried to find the exact cost for the China Visa, but cannot seem to find the proper amount. I will be staying in China for 25 days so I would only need a 30 day Visitor Tourist Pass. How much would this cost?

Thank you for your time in answering my questions.

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Answered by Mr.Adam from USA | Jan. 06, 2010 04:35
Mr. Ronin, please don't be so aggressive! You can send your complain to the consulate directly. We can't change the rules. As I know, From January 1st, 2010, the Visa & Passport Office of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston will no longer accept cash payment for all document services. For Chinese visa, Chinese passport, authentication and notarization services, it only accept Master Card, Visa Card and Money Order, Cashier's Check or Official Check (excluding personal check) payable to Chinese Consulate. The mailed application is not accepted by the Consulate General of China in Houston. The fee is USD 130 for single entry visa with 3 months valiidty permitting 30 days stay in China.
Answered by Mr.Ronin from New Orleans, LA, USA | Jan. 11, 2010 00:56
I'm sorry, but I wasn't being aggressive. I was merely asking what I felt were important questions in regards to obtaining a China Visa. I'm sorry if it seemed that way to anyone or if I offended anyone.
Answered by Mr.JOHNNASH from United States | Jan. 11, 2010 01:56
Mr. Ronin, you can get your visa on the same day of application, Same day rush service:emergency only,additional fee of $30 will be charged per visa (applications should be submitted before 11:00pm, and may be picked up between 2:30pm-3:00pm on the same day). The mailed application is not accepted by Chinese cousulate in Houston,
1.You may submit the application to the Visa Office of Chinese Consulate-General in Houston
2.If you cannot come in person, you may entrust someone else or a travel/visa agent to drop off your application at the visa office of Consulate -General in Houston.
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