Asked by Ms.Diane from South Africa | Jun. 14, 2009 20:27
About:Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

I will be in Chengdu soon and would like to visit either the Chengdu panda breeding base or Bifenxia. I have very limited time.
I am not sure which one to visit and would value any comments.
Is it easy at both places to take reasonably close up photos of pandas without fences and bars in the way?
Where is it easier to hold a baby panda and also have photos taken with an adult panda? Can a friend take these photos?
What are the prices at Bifengxia and Chengdu for a) holding a baby panda and b) photos taken with an adult panda?
I am so looking forward to this wonderful experience!

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Answered by Mr.Jackson from UK | Jun. 15, 2009 20:39
I went to Chengdu Panda Breeding Base which is not far from the City Centre in a 35 mins taxi ride.
If you read the previous posts you will see that visitors were charged very different prices to hold a baby panda, with one woman saying she paid 100 yuan, while another having to pay 1000 yuan, so there's a bit of greed and corruption going on, which was what a lot of the locals were telling me when we visited Chengdu earlier this year anyway.
Hugging an adult panda is also possible at the same place for about half the price - I was quoted 500 yuan but wouldn't be surprised if they charged you a different price for it.
It's assumed that the money all goes towards feeding the pandas, but many locals told me it's pocketed by the keepers.
If you love pandas that much, then you may think it's worthit and enjoy the experience.
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