Asked by Mrs.Susana from Spain | Jun. 01, 2009 14:13
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Hi, I was born the 20th/02/1974. Im a Tiger. I would like to know whats up for me this year? Specially when it comes to love. My situation is a little particular. I felt pregnant and had a child (hes 3 months) but my relationship with his dad is a bit weird since we werent solid when this happened. Can you help?

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Answered by Mr.tang from cn | Jun. 01, 2009 23:02
Hi,dear, you are a pisces. You have an absolute position in your family, what you said and what you act may affect the whole family. You are capable. As you are a tiger, you seems to be a little aggressive.
However, a family life needs more understanding and help. If you can make a little compromise, your life as well your relation with your husband will be more easier.
Hi, you can take the words as a reference. Hope you will happy!
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