Asked by Mrs.Donna from Netherlands | May. 12, 2009 12:05
About:Wong Tai Sin Temple

I visited the temple and saw a fortune teller. My number: 43. He told me that this was the worst of the worst and that I will not be able to recover when I get ill. He looked at my hands and on the piece of paper corresponding with nr. 43. I was shocked and went home crying. Should I believe this man?

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Answered by Mr.Jerry from China | May. 12, 2009 22:40
For the fortune telling, to be lieved to be seen. I will no take it seriously, but I may be cautious, anyway. In deed, we should take care of ourselves all the time. He just reminded you. Anything have not happened yet, right? Just leave it alone.
Answered by Ms.katelyn s from ohio | May. 13, 2009 09:53
no do not believe him
Answered by Ms.Cheung from HK | May. 25, 2009 09:24
don't worry! just be yourself and i'm sure everything will turn out the way it should. i live in hong kong myself and i saw a fortune teller there today (perhaps not the same booth) but she told me that it was important to live our lives without being influenced by the fortune telling results.

cheer up! the results change anyway. it all comes to the life we live ourselves=]

i hope u had a nice time in HK!
Answered by Mr.Ricky May from USA | Jun. 12, 2009 06:50
Mrs. Donna, I would consider that it is Daoist. There is good in the bad, and bad in the good. If the fortune told you that you would become the richest person in the world tomorrow, do you think this would be all wonderful?! Do you think you would have no problems and would never get ill and would not have to pay taxes or die?
No, even as the world's richest person, you will experience terrible and sad things. People will use you and lie to you and cheat you, etc. If you were not the richest person these people would not do that.
So the fortune teller told you that it is the worst of the worst. Is that entirely a bad thing? Is there such a thing as only bad???
No, especially according to Taoism. Perhaps you can find comfort knowing that your "illness" means something else. For example, maybe you will face some great challenge. Perhaps you are chosen for this challenge because you are the strongest one in your family and only you can shoulder this burden. Perhaps this burden you carry will save your family some troube. Should you cry about taking this burden, to save you family?
No, you shouldn't. Our families are the most important thing. It would be an honor to serve your family in this way and they would remember you forever for your sacrifice.
This is just one example of how this "bad" news can be accepted.
The darkness and light swirl together endlessly, each with a part of the other. This is the natural world we are a part of. Things will happen because it is natural. Do not fear what is natural.
Answered by Mr.Jay from NZ | Aug. 14, 2009 14:03
Hi Mrs. Donna. It appears that you are ready to buy about what other's say of your life rather than believing what you can achieve by yourself.

Fortune telling is only for fun. Ask yourself what is this fortune teller doing on the streets. Why cannot he find a good life.
Answered by Mr.Mike from Philippines | Aug. 16, 2009 17:51

I practice fortune telling myself. Remember if the gods revealed it to you. It can changed. Pray and ask for guidance. It can be remedied.
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